Monday, March 8, 2010

Traveler – 03/08/10

Fat as a tick.  You can still see ribs and there’s no way in hell he’s wormy.  I’ve hit him and Summer with every wormer medicine under the sun, and they’ve been on Strongid C for a couple of months.  He just wants to have a big fat beer belly.

He’s on 2qts of Strategy twice a day.

Doc says he still has his mild heart murmur, so we assume that it is something that he will always have.  On a scale from 1 to 6, his is only a 2. 

I’m convinced he’s not going to grow much and will always be pony sized.  But what a cute little pony he’ll be!

Timmy – 3/8/10

I apologize for not doing a Timmy update for so long.  It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter for the both of us and we’ve just been trying to get by, day by day.  Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’ve been able to take off his blanket during the days and got some pictures today.  But first, let me catch you up on what’s been going on with him this winter.

The last time I posted, I mentioned that he was showing signs of gastric ulcers, so I took him off the senior and beet pulp.  Once he wasn’t getting beet pulp anymore, I no longer soaked his feed.  He soon started losing weight, so Doc came out and made the discovery that poor Timmy has NO bottom molars!  So much for the Virginia vet saying his teeth looked fine!  Since then, he’s been on 6qts of soaked Purina Strategy, three times a day, as well as 25lbs (dry weight) of soaked alfalfa cubes per day. 

While he was down in weight, he developed a really nice infestation of lice under his two blankets.  Six weeks, three tubes of Zimecterin Gold, and four canisters of lice powder later, the lice are finally gone.  Doc had me roach his mane to kill off the eggs hiding under it.  His hair is growing back now, but he still looks a little funny.

Last, but certainly not least, he had arthritis flare-ups back in December.  His whole back left leg swelled all the way to the dock of his tail, and he could not put any weight on it for a few days.  He had been on a supplement for arthritis since he got here, but it takes awhile for it to get into the system and do some good.  Since the flare-ups in December, he’s had no more problems and even trots around the yard tossing his head at feeding time.  He and Traveler even decided to go for a walkabout about a month ago, and walked almost a mile down the road before I caught up to them and turned them around. 

Even better news… Timmy has been adopted!  He’ll be here for another few weeks to gain a little more weight and grow back that missing hair.  I’ll miss the old guy!