Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shasta – 07/17/10

Shasta is a 9yo Tennessee Walker mare.  She’s about 300lbs underweight, but it’s a little difficult to tell from the pictures.  Her hip bones aren’t sticking out that badly, but she’s very tucked up and narrow for her frame. 

Shasta is also a very sweet mare that just wants attention and food.  

Doc thinks either Shasta or Satin has EPM and I can’t remember which he said.  One of them had a head tilt last time he examined them and there were other indicators that there was something going on neurologically.  I haven’t noticed anything yet for either of them, other than everyone slipping and sliding in the mud after last night’s storm.  I’ll have to give him a call on Monday and ask him again which one he thought had EPM.

Satin – 07/17/10

Satin is a 9yo QH mare.  She’s about 200lbs underweight and is the best looking of the worst looking three from the Wetzel county seizure… if that makes any sense. 

I only got a couple of pictures of Satin today for some odd reason.  I’ll be sure to do better next time.   She’s got a very sweet face and is an overall affectionate and gentle mare.  The owner told me she would rear up and flip over getting on the trailer, but she followed me right on like a docile puppy.

Three of the six horses have wounds that were never cared for and that should have been stitched up when it happened.  I cleaned this one up with Betadine scrub and put some SWAT on it to keep the flies off.  I thought about wrapping it, but it’s already on it’s way to healing so I’ll just keep the flies off of it and keep an eye out for proud flesh.  At least she’s not lame on it.

Poco – 07/17/10

Poco is a 20 yo Paso Fino mare.  She is the worst of the bunch seized from Wetzel county farm yesterday.  Doc last examined her in March and told me she has a heart murmur and lung damage, possibly from pneumonia that was never treated.  We won’t know if the heart murmur is a symptom of the starvation or if it’s one of the contributing factors of her starved condition until she’s back up to a healthy weight.


She’s a very sweet mare that jumped on the trailer for us yesterday.  Her feet aren’t as bad as some of the others, but she’s lame on the left hind.  Her foot is hot and there’s no heat in her leg, so I’m thinking abscess.  I soaked the foot in warm Epsom salt water twice today and will continue to do so until the abscess emerges and the poor old girl feels better.  Brannon is coming out Monday morning and I’ll have him check for an abscess if it hasn’t popped by then.


Her age and heart murmur are going to make it harder to get her healthy and it’ll take longer than the two younger skinny mares that came with her.  Doc floated her teeth earlier this year, so at least she’s got that going for her. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Traveler – 07/12/10

I realized the other day that I never did a final post for Summer or Traveler.  I just left them hanging, looking like fat little wooly mammoths.  You can find Summer’s most recent picture before she was adopted here.

As for Traveler… he’s quite the handsome pony these days!

He’s still a big sweetheart who likes to be held and smooched.  Now that he’s two years old, there won’t be much more growing going on.  He’s only about 11h (I’m guessing because I haven’t taken a stick to him yet) and is going to make some little human very happy one day!