Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shasta – 07/17/10

Shasta is a 9yo Tennessee Walker mare.  She’s about 300lbs underweight, but it’s a little difficult to tell from the pictures.  Her hip bones aren’t sticking out that badly, but she’s very tucked up and narrow for her frame. 

Shasta is also a very sweet mare that just wants attention and food.  

Doc thinks either Shasta or Satin has EPM and I can’t remember which he said.  One of them had a head tilt last time he examined them and there were other indicators that there was something going on neurologically.  I haven’t noticed anything yet for either of them, other than everyone slipping and sliding in the mud after last night’s storm.  I’ll have to give him a call on Monday and ask him again which one he thought had EPM.

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