Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucille – 06/15/10

Poor Lucille has gained very little weight and I’ve had to put her on a diet!  She has finally lost her big wormy belly and I no longer fear pregnancy.  Whew!  I had to cut her feed in half and put her on a diet because what little weight she did gain caused her so much pain on her foundered front feet that she spent a whole day lying down in her shelter, only getting up to change sides.  I gave her 7cc of Banamine that evening and she was up within an hour grazing again.  After talking with Doc, she’s now on one gram of Bute twice a day for pain control.

Brannon tried working on her feet last week, but she was in so much pain that she couldn’t stand on three feet for long.  He did what he could, and we’ll just have to keep working on her little bits at a time.

Glenn and I were eating dinner outside the other night and had a big bowl of salad on the table.  After we were done, Lucille came wandering over to the table and looked at the salad bowl, looked at Glenn, looked at the salad bowl, looked at me… we got the hint and put the bowl on the ground for her.  I really wish I had the camera on me at the time!  She wolfed down the salad, including mushrooms, spring onions, bacon bits, and pepper jack cheese.  When she was done, she eyeballed my salad bowl, so I handed that to her and she licked up all the French dressing. 

Don’t worry, she’s not spoiled.  Ha!