Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ellie – 04/16/09

Ellie is gaining weight fast and is strong enough to go out with the main herd this weekend.  Since she’s been out free grazing in the yard, she’s already sniffed noses over the fence with most the herd, so the introduction should go pretty smoothly.  I haven’t had the heart to put her back in the quarantine pasture.  She’s become a fixture in the yard (and in my strawberry patch), but she longs to be with the herd.  The herd offers protection, companionship… and plus she’s really got a crush on Gentry.

Her back is mostly bald from me scrubbing off all of the rain rot, but her new coat is coming in and I think she’ll be stunning in another month or so.  She’s also got a lot of bald places all over her body, probably from the lice she had.

Picture 001

Last Saturday, the eleventh, she got a 250lb dose of Quest gel wormer.  On Tuesday, she expelled a foot long worm, about 1.5” wide.  I’ll spare you the picture.  Next Wednesday she’ll get another 250lb dose of wormer and she’s also still on the daily Strongid C wormer.

Her personality is coming out now that she’s feeling better and has more energy.  She’s a jumpy little mare that spooks at shadows and no longer wants me around unless I have food.  She’s friendly enough while eating, and comes up to me every time I go outside in the hopes that I have more food on me.  As soon as she realizes I’m without grain, she leaves before I can get very close. 

Overall, I’m very pleased with her progress so far.  At this rate, she should be back up to normal in another few weeks.

Picture 006 Picture 007 Picture 008

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sylvia said...

Thank you for updating. I have been checking all the time. The worm is disgusting! Ug! That made my stomach churn!! I'm sad that ellie isn't a pocket pony. She sounded like she would be. Maybe she will eventually....