Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lilo – 08/16/09

Just a quick update on Lilo… instead of moving Stride into the quarantine pasture with her the other day, we moved Maverick and the other little yearling studs in the quarantine and moved Lilo into the bachelor pad with Stride.  We also put Sadie in there with them and the three have become the best of friends!  As soon as Lilo and Stride introduced themselves, Lilo put her face in the grass and started grazing for the first time since she arrived here. 

She eats her meals with gusto now and is actually in charge of the little threesome!  She’s more energetic and comes trotting to the fence for meals instead of making me bring it to her.  She’s not aggressive with Sadie or Stride, but the two respect her leadership and let her eat in peace.  The first night together, Lilo and Stride insisted on eating out of the same bucket, even though there were two buckets right in front of them.  They finished the first one then moved on to the next.  It was so cute!

The day after posting my first post on Lilo my tiny little brain had an epiphany (it was painful, trust me).  I know she was being fed beet pulp, senior, and rice bran at her previous home, so what makes me think the same feed will make her fat here?  Her tucked up tummy and pickiness with feed made me think of Sadie and Indy earlier in the year when their ulcers were acting up.  And I certainly wouldn’t doubt that previous stress and irregular feeding have given her gastric ulcers, so I transitioned her to the same diet that Sadie is on:  rolled oats, rice bran, and corn oil.  She loves it!

She’s been on that diet for a few days now, so we’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks!


sylvia said...

yay! maybe depression? poor old gal. i hope she continues to be perky, and enjoy her new diet. way to go!

Tinia said...

This is good news because it is something I certainly didn't try, and it makes sense.

I HOPE it does wonders for her. I am glad she is showing her happy side. She really was a happy girl here after getting used to new surroundings.