Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lilo – 09/19/09

I got nothing.  I’m only doing an update because it’s been a month, not because this mare has gained any weight.  Ugh.

She’s still very “wired”.  Even after our evening bonding session a couple of weeks ago, she’s very high-strung.  She’s friendly towards me, but sometimes the simplest things get her going, head high in the air, trotting around the pasture like a grand prix dressage horse.  It’s times like those when Sadie and Stride simply stand in the middle of her wild circles, watching her go, and probably wondering what the deal is.

Picture 005

She’s still being fed three times a day:  2qts rice bran pellets, 2qts rolled oats, 2qts hay pellets, corn oil, and plain yogurt.  In the morning I also give her Weight Builder and Source – all soaked and mixed up into a really lovely mash that she dives into with gusto. 

Wait, yogurt?  No, I haven’t lost my mind.  Yet.  Doc suggested it for another horse, as a way to stabilize the bacteria in her digestive tract and hopefully get more nutrients into her body instead of letting them pass – even though that does keep the chickens happy.  So I’m trying it on Lilo as well and hopefully… maybe… she’ll start putting on weight. 

Oh, and on another note, I’ve been calling her Flo.  It just slipped out one day and now I can’t seem to call her Lilo.  I guess all I see is a tall, leggy red head who seems to say “Kiss my grits!” when she’s upset.

Picture 013

Picture 023

Conformational train wreck or not, this mare looks prettier to me every day. :)


Vectormom said...

Oh she is a doll even with all those mismatched parts! Great update! You probably already know this but if not, just a suggestion... do you ever just go out and stand, not making eye contact with her? Just stand in the paddock or wherever she is and leave her alone? This is how I gentled a BLM mustang adopted from some very inexperienced horse people. It took alot of standing and looking around at anything but the horse but slowly day by day that mare became curious. When she would come within 10 feet or so I would start to sit on the ground. After sitting on the ground near her for about a week she started really getting curious and closer. I dabbed peppermint extract (from the grocery store) on my shoes and that seemed to catch her attention. Eventually she came around and in the end I started her under saddle. Fast forward 9 months...she's being ridden by the daughter of the well meaning adoptors and is walking & trotting well under saddle. Sometimes, it just takes them making the decision on their own and it can be frustrating, tiresome but oh so rewarding!! Bless you for being such an angel to this horse that obviously needed an 'intervention'. Just keep trying. It's all we can do. Thanx for the update!

wvfarmgirl said...

Lilo is actually very friendly with people. It's just that she jumps at every little thing. Like a squirrel in the leaves, a dog coming around the corner of the shed, a branch falling from a tree... she's just a very jumpy little mare. I'm hoping that being with two laid-back horses like Stride and Sadie will eventually calm her down. Maybe someday she'll realize that she's just being silly. :)

Tinia said...

I am so glad to read these updates on her! I think she looks a tiny, teeny bit broader in the photos, but I suppose you see why her lack of weight gain scared me - since I had little experience with any horses that were such hard keepers.

She is a sweet girl and after a few months with us, she was very good about coming up to us and seemed to like attention - though not love it.

I am SO glad her thrush is gone. I was using the absorbine, and it did not help - I used ACV as well as a cleaning agent, but again, you see how they were.

We've finally moved in this last week and have access to a good vet and farrier, but at the time I brought her, I did not know if that would work out and I know she is in more experienced and knowledgeable hands now!

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing great with Lilo, she is a beauty,,
We have a Gelding, and he is great, and we pasture 3 other horses for a friend of ours. We love horses.
I hope Lilo gets a very nice and warm family someday.

Jodi said...

What a beautiful girl! I'm not sure my future daughter-in-law would like the comparison, but Lilo (Flo sounds better) reminds me of her. Gretchen is about 5'6" and maybe weighs 120. I have watched her eat more than I thought could physically fit in her frame. She never seems to gain an ounce and has a very high metabolism. I'll end the comparison there!
When I look at your pics of Lilo/Flo, she looks pretty healthy, as far as her ribs not showing to much. Her coat is so shiny and bright, not what you would expect if she was still malnourished. I think you are doing great with her. Maybe she just has a "Gretchen-esque" shape and will never look pudgy! I know she will find someone who appreciates her, no matter what her shape is!!!