Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lilo – 10/27/09

This might just be as good as it gets for Lilo.

Picture 002

The ribs are still there, they’re just slowly being covered by her winter coat instead of a layer of fat. 

Picture 004

I think her barrel is sticking out just a touch more to each side than it was when she got here, but that could just be me doing some wishful thinking.

Picture 003

She’s just wishing I’d go away and stop taking pictures while she’s eating.  Poor mare… she won’t eat if I’m standing too close to her or paying any attention to her.  She’ll just stand over her bucket instead, head held high, just waiting for something awful to happen.  She will only want attention once the food is gone.  I sure wish she could tell me exactly what’s happened to her in the past to make her such a nervous girl.

I’ve done some more diet changes since last time because she’s such a picky eater! 

2qts Purina Strategy pellet, 2qt Purina Equine Senior, 2qt pelleted rice bran three times a day.

She stopped eating her food if it had corn oil, Red Cell, Weight Builder, or Source in it.  I wonder when she’ll decide she no longer likes Strategy or Senior?

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Tinia said...

She might be looking better - I think maybe so! But I also might be wishful thinking. I did the same thing with her.
Yes, I found she didn't take well to additives like oils and such either.
I think just being an Amish horse is enough to tramatize a horse. . .I'm sure it is a harsh life.