Friday, October 30, 2009

Timmy – 10/30/09

Timmy is a 17 year old Thoroughbred stallion, about 16.2 hands.  He’s about 400lbs underweight, but his blood work checks out okay so the only thing he should need is food and farrier work.  His feet are dry, cracked, and overgrown, and he’s lame on his right front with heat radiating down from the outside of his ankle down to his hoof.  He’s got an old ankle injury there, but since he was sound two days ago and the heat in his hoof is only on the lateral quarter, I’m hoping all I’ll find is an abscess.

Timmy was checked out by a vet in Virginia before he was brought to Horse Haven Holler.  The vet said his teeth are fine and the blood work came back mostly normal, with a few moderately high levels that the vet said were probably no cause for concern.  At the time of his rescue, Timmy was not strong enough to make the long haul from Virginia, so he stayed where he was for a week and grew stronger on a diet of just grass and hay. 

Picture 004

I’ll be starting him out on five feedings a day.  He’ll get Strongid C to gently take care of any worm load, Source for additional nutrition, and corn oil for added calories and to shine up that dull coat.  He’ll start out on 1/2qt beet pulp and 1/2qt senior feed at each feeding.

I’ll be applying Hoof Heal to those feet every four days, and if he’s strong enough to stand for the farrier next week, he’ll get a much needed trim.

 Picture 005 Picture 010

Picture 013

Hopefully in a few weeks he’ll be strong enough to be gelded -- which will also help pack on the pounds!


sylvia said...

d'oh! holy sh*t. i missed the NOT gelded part!!

wvfarmgirl said...

He'll be jumping on the gelding bus as soon as Doc says he's strong enough! I was hoping to get him done with Buddy and Quill next week, but I don't see that happening.