Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shane – 10/31/09

Shane is a 13yo Thoroughbred gelding, about 16.1h, who came to us from a college student in Clarksburg. 

Picture 022

He’s a sweet, easy going guy who loves attention and is supposed to be wonderful under saddle and kid-safe.

Picture 024

It’ll be at least another 250lbs before I try and put a saddle on him.

Picture 020

He has only had pasture and hay for awhile, so I’ll start the reintroduction to grain slowly.  I gave him 1qt beet pulp and 1/2qt equine senior before putting him out for the night and will keep that up for the next few days, three times a day, and see how it goes.  I’ll throw in corn oil, a little rice bran, and Source tomorrow.  Doc is hopefully (that man is soooooo busy!) coming out next week to geld Buddy and Quill, so I’ll have him float the fangs that Shane has in his mouth as well. 

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april said...

oy floating teeth....kasey and skip are due as well...and they are both pita's when having it done :S ...hopefully your kids are easier than mine