Thursday, December 17, 2009

Summer – 12/17/09

Summer is just about done with the weight gain.  In fact, if that belly gets much larger, I might have to poke a few holes to let all the air out.

Picture 027

Please forgive the horribly haphazard fence job.  I gave her her own pen behind the garage over a month ago, so she could be closer to the house and have her own shelter.  I couldn’t electrify the fence, so ended up just stringing it up nice and tight and crossing my fingers.  It didn’t take her long to realize that she could just walk right in between the strands and wander about the yard.  So now the fence is mainly just for show, since I took one side down and she just comes and goes as she pleases anyway.

Picture 029

Her top line is just about perfect now, but it’s hard to tell under all that hair and rain rot.  The rain rot is finally healing up and coming off in big gobs without causing her any pain.  In fact, she loves having me scratch and peel it off.  She’ll stand in one place forever with her upper lip sticking out and quivering whenever I find a particularly itchy spot.  I’m on call for work this weekend and hopefully I can spend a couple of hours scrubbing all that nastiness off of her.  I have a blanket for her in case she ends up bald afterwards!

Picture 033

Check out that cute little bum, all filled out and round!

Picture 035

Brannon gave her a trim last time he was out -- he left the heal alone and took off as much toe as he could to try and straighten out those pasterns.  If we don’t get a decent angle on those pasterns soon, he’ll try putting some extended shoes on her to help out.  Fortunately, she’s still young enough that we can get her fixed now without a lot of discomfort.

Picture 028

I don’t think she’ll need the shoes because she already looks a lot better up front!  And you should have seen how well she behaved for him!  I doubt she’s ever had her feet trimmed before, but she was awesome!  Except for losing her balance a time or two, she was almost as good as Maverick!

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