Thursday, December 17, 2009

Traveler – 12/17/09

Traveler isn’t recovering nearly as quickly as Summer, but she doesn’t have the heart murmur, wasn’t castrated, and isn’t now sick with a cold.  The poor guy has goopy eyes and a runny nose, but no temp yet.  I’ve got him on SMZ for his sniffles and it seems to be helping, but he’s only been on it for two days now.

Picture 057

He’s finally starting to fill in a little and looks better than he did, but still not great.

Picture 022

The first time I put a blanket on him, he just stood there looking at me as I did up the buckles.  Like he’d worn a blanket all his life and couldn’t figure out why I was just now getting around to it.  When I take it off in the mornings he sometimes tries to move away as I’m undoing the buckles as if to say “Hey!  It’s still cold out, what are you doing???”  But he always stands still when I put the blanket back on in the evenings.  Hmmm… smart little bugger!

Picture 058

Picture 021

He’s still a bit crotchety and pins his ears back at me when I feed, but he hasn’t tried to kick me again since that first week.  We now play a little chase game at feeding time because he refuses to just put his head in his halter and make life easy on me.  Oh no.  I have to go into the pasture and walk a few circles after him until he finally gives in and lets me get his halter on.  This is a new development and I think it’s because he knows that if he’s not tied up, he can eat faster than Sky and go steal his food.  Little turd!

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