Saturday, July 17, 2010

Satin – 07/17/10

Satin is a 9yo QH mare.  She’s about 200lbs underweight and is the best looking of the worst looking three from the Wetzel county seizure… if that makes any sense. 

I only got a couple of pictures of Satin today for some odd reason.  I’ll be sure to do better next time.   She’s got a very sweet face and is an overall affectionate and gentle mare.  The owner told me she would rear up and flip over getting on the trailer, but she followed me right on like a docile puppy.

Three of the six horses have wounds that were never cared for and that should have been stitched up when it happened.  I cleaned this one up with Betadine scrub and put some SWAT on it to keep the flies off.  I thought about wrapping it, but it’s already on it’s way to healing so I’ll just keep the flies off of it and keep an eye out for proud flesh.  At least she’s not lame on it.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that the person in Wetzel Co. is never allowed to own any animals ever again, not even an ant farm. Those beautiful animals didn't deserve what they got, no animal should be mistreated. They are GOD'S creatures, and should be treated so.