Sunday, November 8, 2009

Summer – 11/08/09

Summer is between one and two years old and she’s been starved for quite some time.  She’s a sweet little mare that’s just dying to get some food and affection.  She was turned out with a stud colt (Traveler), so we’re hoping she’s not pregnant.   Considering her age and health, it’s not likely.

Picture 003

She wasn’t strong enough to go out with the main herd when she got here today, so she’s out in the back pasture with Flo, Stride, Sadie, and Shane.  They sniffed noses with her, then ignored her.  She was doing her best to become invisible, but after eating dinner around everyone she warmed up to them and now she’s out there eating hay next to Stride.

Picture 004

I gave her a 250lb dose of Ivermectin when she stepped off the trailer and will follow up with another 250lb dose in a week.  I’m starting her out on 2 cups soaked beet pulp and 2 cups senior feed.  The poor girl is covered in rain rot under that winter coat, so it looks like I’ll be picking up some more antifungal spray tomorrow.

Picture 014

The idiots that had her apparently didn’t realize that young horses grow.  Imagine that!  You mean if you’re stupid enough to leave halters on 24/7 that you actually have to adjust the halters as the horse gets bigger?

Picture 001

The first thing we did when we got her on the trailer was to take off her old halter and give her a bigger one to wear.  I took that one off her once she was here and I’ll clean up and treat those sores tomorrow.

Hopefully because of her age, she’ll be back up to a healthy weight and hanging with Kenzie and Maggie in no time!

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sylvia said...

poor little dolly...give her some muzzle sniffs for me.