Sunday, November 8, 2009

Traveler – 11/08/09

Traveler is a two year old stud colt.  We have no idea what his breeding is, but he’s probably a Quarterhorse or QH cross.  He’s also starved and full of worms, but is otherwise a very sweet boy.

Picture 008

He’s in the quarantine paddock with the other gelding wannabes for now, and so far he’s getting along great with Timmy. 

Picture 017

I’m starting him out on 1qt beet pulp and 1/2 qt senior.  He got a 300lb dose of Ivermectin when he got here and I’ll follow up with another dose in a week.  I will probably also put him and the other three that came with him on Strongid C for 8 weeks, just to make sure we get everything.

His halter was way too tight and he has the same sores that Summer has, just not quite as bad as hers.  His halter had plenty of room to adjust, so that’s the first thing we did once he was on the trailer.

Picture 010

Isn’t that the cutest little marking you’ve ever seen??

Picture 012


Jodie said...

ugh...brings tears to my eyes :(

sylvia said...

sweet face. people suck.